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Elleker Miniature Goat Stud

White Dog Lane is also the home to the Elleker Miniature Goat Stud. Our beautiful bouncy Buck, Does & kids are registered to the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia. We are one of a few breeders in Western Australia.

Miniature Goats differ greatly from the regular sized varieties. Placid in temprement and greatly affectionate to their owners or anyone else. Mothers are always 100% trusting in letting the farmer pick up and play with their kids from the day they are born. Miniature goats like to frolic, jump and kick their legs in the air. As far as pets go, they are the perfect entertainers.

For more information about the breed, please visit The MGBA at:

Or contact White Dog Lane directly with the details on the bookings and enquiries page